Has mastered over 39 languages and 106 dialects in Asia. It's able to understand human intent in mixed languages.


"orchestrates tasks"

Is able to orchestrate tasks in a conversation. It is particularly good at doing click-to-call between the customer with the company service or sales reprensetative. in a chat.


"Inserts/retrieves data to/from 3rd party apps"

Is readily integrated with the top 10 CRM in the world. It can be used retrieve ticket information from third party CRMs, or insert captured interaction into third party CRMs.


"engages in small talks to uncover customer motivations"

Is skilled at Alternate Positioning to achieve the most optimal outcome for the customer. It engages the customer in small talks to discover customer motivations, and seeks to offer alternative solution to the customer.


"translates languages"

Has mastered over 39 languages and 106 dialects in Asia. It offers real-time translation capabilities in live chat conversations.


"low-effort resolution"

Is a master of low-effort resolution by finding the most optimal solution for the customer even in the most difficult situations. Tightly integrated to the knowledge base, and understands relationships between entities mentioned in a conversation to give the most human-like resolution.


"eyes sales opportunities"

Eyes sales opportunities in a conversation especially after a low-effort resolution or after providing value enhancement to the customer It either does upselling or cross-selling to the customer when opportunity arises at a mature stage of a conversation.


"understands/responds to human emotions"

Displays human-like ability to empathize with the customer. Interprets and responds to human emotions so humans feel the bot is able to relate to their needs.


"conversational flow"

Aims for a smooth flow-driven conversation with the customer. Uses smart answers as options to the customer. Able to handle free text inputs.


"schedules appointment"

Integrates into the scheduling module of our omnichannel platform. Particularly useful for businesses that rely on appointments to generate revenue.


"knowledge base"

Tightly integrated with knowledge base. Adept at picking up customer intent and matches it with the most accurate answer from knowledge base.


"out-of-flow, relates from KB"

Capable of handling out-of-flow conversations through its tight integration with the knowledge base


"situational awareness"

Has a healthy dose of entity relationship understanding, it is capable relating in a human-like manner.


"omnichannel conversation"

Makes its way across web, mobile messaging and social media channels. It embodies the "configure once, run anywhere" approach.


"exception management"

Captures enquiries and requests that could not be answered for human-in-the-loop reinforcement learning.



Eyes opportunities to add value after a low-effort resolution has been reached for the customer.